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Administrator Full Evaluation

The Administrator Full Evaluation includes a performance evaluation, stakeholder input, and student growth measures.

Performance Evaluation

The performance evaluation is designed to recognize and develop effective school administrative and educational leadership skills. The performance evaluation provides a structure for assessing administrator strengths and growth areas. It also serves as a means to ensure that every child attends a school with effective leaders. The evaluation is based on the state's model which is aligned with the Utah State Educational Leadership Standards(UELS).

Major components:

  • Performance Expectations Self Evaluation completed by the administrator
  • Formative observations by the immediate supervisor
  • Performance Expectations Evaluation completed by the immediate supervisor
  • Supervisor and Administrator meeting and sign off

Note: A student growth component and a stakeholder input component have been added to all non-classroom educator evaluations.  Administrators will show student growth and stakeholder input in the performance expectations below.

  • Student Growth Performance -- Performance Expectation 2B
  • Stakeholder Input -- Performance Expectation 4B