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School Psychologists


Evaluator should complete the following form for the School Psychologist IEP meeting.

Evaluation Explanation Checklist

School Psychologist Interim Evaluation Instructions

The School Psychologist Interim Evaluation now resides on the TalentEd Perform, and can be accessed at the following link:


School Psychologist Full Evaluation Instructions

  • Psychologist Standards
    • School Psychologist Instructions for All Full Evaluations
      • The school psychologist full evaluation includes eight domains: data-based decision making, consultation & collaboration, mental & behavioral health services & intervention, school-wide practices to promote learning, services to promote safe and supportive schools, family, school, and community collaboration, research and evidence-based practice, and legal, ethical, and professional practice.
      • The district school psychologist program specialist will evaluate the domain one. The administrator from the school psychologist’s home-base school will evaluate the remaining domains.
      • A school psychologist will receive a rating from each evaluator. If either rating is a “Not Effective,” the school psychologist will be given 20 working days to improve performance.
      • Domain I Data-based Decision Making
        • The psychologist will select three files that include testing that has been administered and scored by the provisional/intern school psychologist being evaluated. The files should include an IEP and goals developed by the psychologist who is being evaluated.
        • The district school psychologist program specialist will review one file with the psychologist prior to December 15 of the current school year. The psychologist is responsible for scheduling this review.
        • It is the responsibility of the school psychologist to schedule a file review with the district school psychologist program specialist before the deadline of March 15.
        • The school psychologist program specialist will review the three files and rate the psychologist according to the rubric prior to March 15 of the current school year.
      • Domains II - VI
        • Psychologists will gather evidence for the evaluator to review and then score.