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Indicator 10 – Identifies Initiators of Disruptive Behavior

Managing the Classroom

Managing Student Behavior

Indicator 10 - Identifies Initiators of Disruptive Behavior UETS 3b., 3c., 3d.

Effective teachers immediately identify the actual initiators of disruptive behavior to show they know what is going on in their classrooms; they cite specific offenders and rules that are being broken.


  1. Scan your room frequently to make students aware that you know everything that is going on in your classroom.
  2. Mention a student's name during an activity to gain the attention of a disruptive student.
    • "While reading on page 92, Sally, be sure to look for the answer to the first question."
  1. Move closer to misbehaving students.
  2. Use a strategic seating arrangement to help keep disruptions to a minimum.
  3. Move around your classroom during instruction and make eye contact with specific students.
  4. Look directly at the misbehaving student and wait for misbehavior to stop before you continue instruction.

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