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Indicator 11 – Use Management Routines

Managing the Classroom

Managing Time and Routines

Indicator 11 - Use Management Routines UETS 3c.

Effective teachers are organized. They consistently establish, teach, post, modify, and re-teach their classroom routines and procedures.


  1. Establish routines and clarify your expectations for:
    • Participating in classroom discussion
    • Checking work
    • Using time when seat work is completed
    • Working in groups
    • Using materials or equipment
    • Getting teacher help
    • Turning in work
  1. Practice activities and time saving procedures with students to make sure students know what you expect.
  2. Close one activity before you begin the next one. Give explicit instructions that the students can easily follow.
  3. Monitor students during transition; remind them what to do if they appear uncertain or thank them when they complete a procedure appropriately. Do not turn your back or sit at your desk doing other work, ignoring the transition.
  4. Consistently enforce, review, and where appropriate, modify rules for daily routines.
  5. Make your routines simple enough to be posted clearly in the classroom for constant reference.

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