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Indicator 17 – Illustrate Relationships

Delivering Instruction

Developing Thinking Skills

Indicator 17 - Illustrate Relationships UETS 4a., 3d.

Effective teachers help students gain a more profound knowledge of concepts by illustrating relationships in subject matter, especially by making associations and relating new ideas to past knowledge and experience.


  1. Illustrate relationships in subject matter by:
    • Providing academic examples.
    • Presenting previously learned material in a new situation.
    • Discussing subject matter as it relates to students' lives.
    • Explaining the subject matter in a context beyond the school.
  1. Use current events to help students understand new concepts.
  2. Use examples from stories you have read to the class to help students grasp complex ideas.
  3. Use analogies between everyday events and new information (how the construction of protein is similar to constructing a building.)
  4. Use artwork to help students understand historical events.
  5. Use objects students encounter daily to illustrate new math concepts.
  6. Use a podcast, slide-show presentation, website or other technology to connect the learning to the real world.

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