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Indicator 19 – Reviews

Delivering Instruction

Presenting Instruction

Indicator 19 - Reviews UETS 4a., 5d.

Effective teachers frequently review and summarize important concepts and skills of a lesson. They involve the students in recalling or discussing the content. They present outlines at the beginning of the lesson and a summary at the end. When needed, they summarize mid-lesson to emphasize important information. In addition, they provide weekly and monthly reviews to reinforce daily learning.


  1. Review material by asking questions or giving a quiz. Examine and assess student responses promptly.
  2. Provide students an opportunity to peer edit/review homework and papers.
  3. Assemble students in cooperative study groups to review materials.
  4. Begin the class with a review of yesterday's lesson as a prelude to today's lesson. The review is particularly crucial if the information applies to subsequent learning.
  5. A good habit to establish is a class-wide review before tests. Don't teach to the test; just be certain students have mastered concepts you plan to evaluate. If the students have difficulty answering questions included in the review, reteach the material before administering the test.
  6. Provide daily, weekly and/or monthly reviews for students to encourage and monitor long-term mastery of concepts.
  7. Use a review to wrap up each lesson for the day. Review using a pair-share, an exit slip question, a student demonstration, a student or teacher summary, or by having students restate the lesson objective and key ideas learned.

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