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Indicator 20 – Pre-Assessment

Delivering Instruction

Presenting Instruction

Indicator 20 - Pre-Assessment UETS 5a., 5d., 7c.

Effective teachers determine what skills and knowledge students already possess before introducing new concepts, materials or tasks. This helps prevent errors and misconceptions by assuring that students have mastered critical prerequisite skills.


  1. The pre-assessment may be administered to the entire class, groups or individuals. It may take one of many forms, such as:
    • An anticipation guide
    • KWL chart
    • A survey
    • Student response devices/cards
    • An oral question/answer period
    • A written test, or completion of a written assignment
  1. An essay prompt can offer valuable information about writing proficiency and allow you to put less emphasis on skills students have already mastered.
  2. Begin each lesson with a series of questions you have designed to assess the knowledge of a class about the concept or skill. This information will help you to begin at the most appropriate and effective point.
  3. Effective teachers deliberately incorporate pre-assessment in lesson planning.

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