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Indicator 35 – Prepares Students for Activities

Delivering Instruction

Coaching Performance

Indicator 35 - Prepares Students for Activities UETS 3d., 4e.

Effective teachers give students clear and complete directions, or show how to complete assignments or activities. They specify the completion time or date, and check to make sure students understand what to do. Effective teachers also prepare students for activities by providing appropriate scaffolding and/or background knowledge to allow all students to access the curriculum.


  1. Use clear, simple language to state directions for the learning activity.
  2. Call attention to key components of the directions by emphasizing them or repeating them.
    • "Remember to circle the correct answer."
    • "Don't forget that you have to think of five new examples to share with the class."
  1. Break directions down into steps. If there are more than three steps, put directions on the board, or in a handout, for the students to refer to.
  2. Provide clear written directions on the assignment for students to refer to on their own or at home.
  3. Model the activity by completing a sample of the assignment. If appropriate, show some examples of what a completed assignment might look like.
    • Take pictures of quality student work to use as examples in the future.
  1. Have individual students restate the directions to you and the class to make certain they understand.
  2. If directions are long or complex, have students find a partner and restate the directions to each other.
  3. Complete one or two items of the assignment together, and immediately correct them before asking students to work on their own.
  4. Inform the students of the evaluation method that will be used.
    • Provide a scoring rubric.
    • Provide a checklist of components to be included.

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