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Indicator 38 – Monitor Student Performance

Delivering Instruction

Coaching Performance

Indicator 38 - Monitor Student Performance UETS 5c., 7b.

Effective teachers monitor and actively guide student acquisition of knowledge and skills by prompting, elaborating on, or re-teaching, academic concepts based on student performance. Through monitoring student performance, teachers direct instruction to help all students achieve increased levels of performance and understanding.


  1. Monitor student understanding and performance by asking specific questions or asking students to summarize a particular point.
  2. Hold students accountable for the completion of their work.
  3. Use guided practice to check student learning. Ask questions and circulate while students work at their desks.
  4. Regularly review student records, test scores and assignment completion, to ascertain potential long-term trends, positive or negative.
  5. Question students individually, especially students who appear to be having problems, and do not rely on class wide responses to determine student understanding.
  6. Ask students to show you how to do a skill, or explain how to complete a problem.
  7. Make specific comments to students about their work.

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