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Indicator 54 – Assessment of Student Performance


Structuring the Class

Indicator 54 – Assessment of Student Performance

UETS 5 – The teacher uses multiple methods of assessment to engage learners in their own growth, monitor learner progress, guide planning and instruction, and determine whether the outcomes described in the content standards have been met.

Effective teachers document student progress and provide descriptive feedback to students, parents, and other stakeholders in a variety of ways. Effective teachers communicate from school-to-home and from home-to-school about student progress. Communication fosters strong relationships between parents and educators. It is widely recognized that the more involved that the parents are in their child’s education; the better the pupil performs at school.


  1. Be prepared to show at least one of the following:
    • A grade book with scores recorded, including dates
      • With at least one entry per week
      • Elementary must show grade book for two subject areas
      • Secondary must show grade book for each preparation type
    • An academic skill-tracking sheet with dates (pre-school teachers, speech and language pathologists, resource teachers, interventionists)
  1. Be prepared to show how you initiate communication between home and school with descriptive accounts of learner progress, such as:
    • Note in student planner
    • Class newsletter
    • Daily/weekly contract
    • Phone/email log regarding student progress
    • Weekly progress report
    • Class website/blog updated regularly
  1. Be prepared to show collaboration such as:
    • A series of emails/phone calls with a parent regarding student progress
    • Documentation of collaboration with other stakeholders (administrators, special education, counselors, teacher specialists, mentors, district personnel) concerning student performance
    • Common pre- and post-test comparison data
    • IEP/504 collaborations
    • PLC notes concerning learner progress

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