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Indicator 58 – Technology and Resources


Preparing Instruction

Indicator 58 – Technology and Resources

UETS 7 – The teacher uses various instructional strategies to ensure that all learners develop a deep understanding of content areas and their connections, and build skills to apply and extend knowledge in meaningful ways.


Effective teachers use various instructional strategies and effective technologies in supporting student learning. Teachers improve their professional practice by evaluating and selecting appropriate digital tools and resources based on quality, accuracy, and effectiveness with their students. The teacher facilitates the student use of technology to gather and use information, enhance critical thinking, and solve real-world problems.


  1. Be prepared to describe technology you use in supporting student learning.
    • A program on the computer to track student progress
    • A document camera to read a story with the class, to model how to complete an assignment, to share student work, etc.
    • A slide-show presentation to introduce a concept
    • A set of video clips to illustrate relationships
    • A tablet to allow student to demonstrate their thinking
    • A student response system to review for a test
  1. Be prepared to articulate how you evaluate and select resources.
    • Using research from an recent article
    • Comparing activities in a computer program/app to the course core curriculum
    • Using resources that were provided/recommended by colleagues/school/district
    • Reflecting on students’ responses and levels of student engagement
  1. Be prepared to share the opportunities provided for students to use multiple technologies and sources of information.
    • Students use specific presentation applications to prepare and present information
    • Students use apps chosen by the teacher
    • Students use the internet for research
    • Students use the document camera as they show other students how they solved a problem
  1. Be prepared to show how technology enhances student engagement in higher-level content and that students follow a process for critically analyzing information.
    • Students find a problem in their school or community and create a digital campaign to implement solutions
      • A blog
      • A movie shown at an assembly
      • Digital survey to collect information