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Indicator 59 – Plans for Substitutes


Structuring the Class

Indicator 59 – Plans for Substitutes

Effective teachers have an emergency substitute plan. They provide clear, written plans of what should be done and prepare specific activities for substitutes to follow in the event of an unplanned absence. In addition, they make sure substitutes have access to school and classroom management procedures and policies.


  1. Be prepared to show a written plan that provides a substitute with appropriate learning activities for an unplanned absence.
    • The better you prepare your substitute the greater the possibility that when you return, you will find everything in good order. The plan should contain appropriate activities in case an emergency absence makes it impossible for you to prepare current lesson plans such as:
      • Planned activities
      • Location of materials/resources
      • A daily schedule
  1. Be prepared to show at least two pieces of management information included in your substitute plan such as:
    • Classroom management procedures and policies
    • Names of students in the class who can help a substitute
    • Seating charts
    • Names of teachers a substitute can ask for help (alert those teachers, if possible)
    • Additional or alternate activities
    • Emergency procedures and policies
    • Student health information

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