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Indicator 60 – Reflection and Continuous Growth

Professional Growth and Responsibilities

Enhancing Skills

Indicator 60 – Reflection and Continuous Growth

UETS 8 – The teacher is a reflective practitioner who uses evidence to continually evaluate and adapt practice to meet the needs of each learner.

Effective teachers continually improve their teaching skills by keeping up to date with the latest research in order to implement new ideas, methods and materials in their curriculum. Effective teachers show evidence of data collection measuring the effectiveness of new strategies, and use data and feedback to refine personal practices. Effective teachers identify and share learning experiences, provide and structure feedback that moves the learning forward, and act as instructional resources for one another.


  1. Be prepared to show participation in a professional learning activity during the past year. Examples may include:
    • A degree you earned
    • A book or article you have read
    • A record of a formal or informal inservice activity (informal inservice involves instructing other team members about something new at a team or department meeting)
    • A record of a university class you have attended
    • A record of a district workshop you attended
  2. Be prepared to present evidence of the application in your classroom of professional learning (techniques, methods or materials based upon what you learned in the professional learning activity). Examples may include:
    • A lesson plan showing a new strategy or technique
    • A student project
    • Added technology components in instruction
    • A new management system being implemented
  3. Be prepared to show data collected measuring the effectiveness of new strategies such as:
    • Scores from pre/post tests, benchmarks, student assignments, projects, surveys, or quizzes
    • A behavior log showing changes in student behavior with the use of new management techniques
    • Increase in student engagement/work completion rates after use of new technology components
  4. Be prepared to present evidence of collaborating with colleagues on new instructional practices.
    • PLC minutes showing discussion of new strategies
    • Comparing common assessment results and analyzing results of new strategies

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