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Indicator 62 – Collaboration

Professional Growth and Responsibilities

Enhancing Skills

Indicator 62 – Collaboration

UETS 9 – The teacher is a leader who engages collaboratively with learners, families, colleagues, and community members to build a shared vision and supportive professional culture focused on student growth and success.

Effective teachers collaborate with families, colleagues, and other professionals to promote student growth and development. Teachers need to cooperate and have professional relationships with colleagues, not only to fulfill required duties, but also to build a shared productive educational culture throughout the school.


  1. Be prepared to show documents or a description of how you cooperate and maintain professional relationships.
    • Sharing of materials, schedules, resources, lesson plans, books, etc., between teachers
  2. Be prepared to show documents or a description of how you collaborate with colleagues. Include and be ready to discuss one of the following:
    • A jointly-planned activity
    • Minutes from a PLC meeting showing plans for intervention/enrichment groupings
    • Jointly-developed curriculum materials
    • Training of instructional assistants/paraprofessionals on how to work with students
    • A behavior management plan you developed with a bus driver to handle students on a bus
  3. Be prepared to show documents or a description of how you fulfill a leadership role to develop a shared productive educational culture and initiatives in your school such as:
    • Attending a conference based on a school-wide initiative and then presenting the information to the faculty
    • Having a leadership role in establishing and maintaining a school-wide program
    • Organizing and planning a special program/project addressing a school initiative
    • A leadership role the administration sees as essential to the educational culture and initiatives of the school

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