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Indicator 8 – Responds Consistently to Behaviors

Managing the Classroom

Managing Student Behavior

Indicator 8 - Responds Consistently to Behaviors UETS 3b., 3c.

Effective teachers respond consistently to student behavior, demonstrating fairness. They reinforce following classroom rules and procedures.


  1. Have a clear and consistent classroom management plan that allows you to effectively respond to student behavior.
  2. Post positively stated rules and consequences in the classroom.
  3. Teach and reteach rules and procedures so that you and the students feel more comfortable enforcing them with all students. Modify as necessary to meet the needs of your classroom.
  4. Monitor and enforce student behavior carefully so you can maintain consistency with all students.
  5. Refer to established classroom rules positively to all students.
    • "Jim, you need to take your seat. The rule is you must raise your hand and ask for permission before leaving your seat."
  1. Avoid sarcasm or the unintentional humiliation of some students while allowing other students to escape consequences for similar actions.
  2. Practice patience and try not to show emotional attachment to student misbehavior. Refer to the broken rule and not how the student has personally offended you.
  3. Make responses to student misbehavior so automatic that all students will not be confused about your expectations. Consistently refer to established classroom procedures to remind students your responses are not arbitrary.

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